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Stimulus Expenditures

February 25th, 2010

After listening to Mr. Obama talk last week about the stimulus dollars and how good it had been for America, I decided to look into to some of the expenditures.  Now for him to say that there was not “one dollar” spent on pork, that fueled my wondering mind.  I started looking into pork but, I got sidetracked by another subject.

This was an article researched by The Press Democrat.  Now let me apologize for the subject matter but it is in fact….fact.  The subject is sex and I suppose these bullet points are considered important to some people in the world of health.  Before I go any farther, let me assure you that after reading these summaries, I dug further to check some of them out because, I could not believe what I was reading.  This is not the whole list but the one’s I had time to verify.  Here are some examples of what “some” of our tax dollars are working on.

  1. Did you know we have spent $221,355 through Indiana University, to study why young men do not like using condoms?
  2. We have spent $219,000 of our recent stimulus money to find out if alcohol has any influence on the sexual behavior in young girls.  Call anyone for $1.00 and save $218,999!
  3. At the University of Illinois, $123,000 of our precious stimulus dollars were spent to determine how people use drugs to enhance their sex life.  I can’t believe people would really do that….sex and drugs…or drugs and sex.
  4. Here’s a good one.  The University of Minnesota received $190,464….to determine what you might ask?  It appears the American people needed to know more about sex reversal in mice.  I called the White House and told them that the next time I saw a mouse headed across the floor, I would grab him up and ask him “Do you want to be a girl”?  If he says yes…I can do the operation right there on the spot.  No need for stimulus dollars here!  Never heard back.
  5. $1.97 million has been allocated to the USC School of Social Work, under the guidance of Suzanne Wenzel, to help understand the sexual risk behavior of homeless men.  2 million!
  6. Do you think that this administration needs to spend $128,000 to decide if quiet buffalo have more sex than noisy bison?  Wonder how much they would pay me for info on this annoying bull about 500 yards from my house?
  7. We just spent $330,697 at a university in Oregon, to determine how sheep choose their sexual partners.  The study is in the early stages but so far we have discovered that 8% of rams prefer same sex mating partners.  How many of us have suspected that might be the case?
  8. Specialists with the New York Psychiatric Institute have been allotted $400,000 to find out why gay men engage in risky sexual behavior while drunk…In Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Why could we not have conducted that study in lets say Boston, Atlanta or Frisco, and at least have kept the money circulating in the good old USA?  There are plenty of drunk gays in those cities….and others….inside our borders.  Sounds like someone just wanted to take a fun road trip….on our money.
  9. Here is my last example and favorite of all.  The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse has been given $2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes to “drink responsibly while on the job”.  The Wayne State University professor running the program says China has an HIV problem.  So?  Why should 3 million of our stimulus dollars be spent teaching Chinese prostitutes how to stay sober while performing their task????  Well, bottom line is this.  China felt it was only the right thing to do since we already support such programs in….get this….Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Namibia, among others.  Well in that case…why not?  Sorry I didn’t understand and I certainly would not want to slight Chinese prostitutes of an education.  Then again….maybe this is a credit on all the money we owe them!

My question is this.  Is this what we call “creating jobs” in using these stimulus dollars?  That’s all I’ve heard about…how many jobs have been created…or saved.  I haven’t heard about all these studies with our money.

Sad part is this.  That money could have been spread among a lot of small business to create “real” jobs, that would have served a noble and worthwhile purpose.  Problem is, I can’t name you one small business that has heard from the government, wanting to give them any dollars in order to stimulate the American economy.  Small business is on its own.  Not so much for China, Argentina and all the others…..including the mice and the sheep!  This is just the tip of a piece of ice…certainly not the tip of the burg itself!!

Until next time….keep watch and America Bless God.

Listening to Ahmadinejad

February 14th, 2010

Welcome to this edition of Night Watch Now.  A basket full of ramblings and perspectives about the world around us.  Whether I’m writing on Politics, Religion, World Events or just This And That….I honor the fact that everyone is entitled to have an opinion….including me.  Check out the archives at your convenience.

Thank you for taking time to engage.


There he goes again.  Ahmadinejad spewing threats against Israel.  Does anyone believe him when he says they have no interest in building the bomb, as he again said last Thursday?  I don’t think so either.

Glenn Beck, on Fox News, got my attention in a way that really surprised me.  The other night, I was sitting at my dining room table doing some work and the television was on in the kitchen.  All of a sudden I heard Beck say the same thing I’ve been asking for a year…..”Why is no one listening to what Iranian President Ahmadinejad is saying”?

I was amazed that a mainstream network would cover the religious side of this issue….and he spent 30 minutes going into details.  Who’s listening to Iran?  Bush didn’t listen….Obama’s not listening.  The only one listening is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Obama and Mr. Mitchell have thought that they could “talk” to Iran and just fix the Middle East.  So did Mr. Bush and Miss Rice.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll create a few sanctions.  What few understand is that this is not just about politics….it’s spiritual….it’s Religion.

Ahmadinejad believes he is on a mission from Allah to rid the earth of infidels….that not only being Israel….but us as well.  This is in order to hasten the return of the Mahdi.  If your not up on the religion of Islam, the Mahdi (or the 12th Imam) is the Muslim savior, the same as Jesus is to Christians.

I’m surprised that Obama thought he could overcome Allah and talk some sense into these guys.  On second thought….I’m really not.  If I know Ahmadinejad’s reasoning….and people in my neighborhood know….WHY DOESN’T WASHINGTON KNOW?

Netanyahu on the other hand gets it.  Just a few days ago, addressing the audience in Auschwitz in commemoration of the Holocaust, he proclaimed that Ezekiel 37 had been fulfilled just as God said it would be.  It may have happened, but I certainly don’t ever remember a world leader saying that Bible prophecy had come to pass….at least not out loud.  Again, he understands what Ahmadinejad believes his purpose is and that he will stop at nothing to fulfill it.

If Netanyahu believes that Ezekiel 37 has come to pass, then chapters 38 and 39 are next.  If your not familiar with that scripture and the Gog/Magog war, you should read up on it.  This is the war of all wars proceeding and leading to the conclusion….Armageddon.  I’m not trying to be an alarmist.  I’m just saying, one of the world’s strongest leaders….who is attacked or threatened almost daily….publicly claimed a part of Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled.

If he believes Chapter 37 has come to pass, then he also knows what Chapters 38 and 39 represent.  Maybe that’s why many believe that Israel may not wait much longer.

Until next time….Keep Watch and May America Bless God

Budget Freeze

February 14th, 2010


In listening to Obama and all the talking heads discuss the new budget numbers, I have to admit that I get lost with how massive they are.  It’s scary to say the least….but I find it extremely comforting to realize that he is now going to freeze certain areas of government, that will save as much as $250 billion over the next decade.  I believe it is 17% of all agency’s that will be frozen.  Problem is, over 80% of those agencies had increases in their budgets ranging anywhere between 12%-36% in 2009.  Now let’s see…$250 billion in savings over the next ten years….against a $3.8 trillion new budget….just announced a couple of weeks ago.  Wow….that makes me feel better!

As I said, part of this freeze….which is to last for the next three years….is that many of these agencies had increases last year.  The EPA for example had a 36% increase.  Now let’s see.  Does that mean that if we take the 36% increase they received in 2009 from 2008 numbers, and divide it by the freeze that is “suppose” to take place over the next three years….doesn’t that mean that the EPA still received an increase of 12% per year….while the freeze is going on?  Now if I had just given myself a raise of 36% and then discovered that I couldn’t have another raise for 3 years, I think I would be okay knowing I was still getting +12% annually over the next three years.  Classic case of political folly in my opinion.

One more thought.  As many know, I wasn’t a big Bush fan but, I wish the Dems would let go of the Bush Bashing and speak the truth.  Maybe something like this.  “If we blame Bush long enough, we’re trusting that all will forget that we have now controlled both houses for the past THREE years.”

If I hear the Dems say, “considering what we inherited”  one more time, I’m going to scream!!!  If they inherited it….then they willed it to themselves.

Until next time….Keep Watch and May America Bless God

Russia and Iran

February 14th, 2010


The centuries old “on again-off again” relationship between Russia and Iran seems to be on again and in a more compelling way than ever before.  For the last few years, we have watched them holding hands, and now they appear to be locking arms.  Russia is acting as though they will participate in sanctions against Iran’s nuclear agenda but, my money is riding on the fact that they will do nothing when the cards hit the table.  Could be wrong but that’s my bet and even if they do portray co-operation, it won’t last…IMO.  By the way, Russia (Biblical Magog) and Iran (Biblical Persia) are two of the leading country’s referenced in the Biblical Ezekiel 38 war that will battle Israel.  Russia is the lead character with a host of Islamic followers.  This growing relationship is certainly something to watch!


While I was trying to watch my Super Bowl Sunday, I was constantly interrupted by to many things….not football.  Right in the middle of CBS’s day long coverage of the Super Bowl, I couldn’t believe it when Obama came on for 30 minutes, continuing his campaign with Miss Katie.  Of all things!!!  I was wanting to see some clips from great Super Bowls past like Johnny U, Elway and Joe Willie Namath….but what do we get….political campaigning!!  I flipped to ESPN along with 20 million other guys in their favorite team jerseys, having their brauts, dogs and favorite drinks.

And another thing.  By the time Super Bowl day is over, I feel like I’ve been to Woodstock.  If I want to see 10 different bands playing out of tune guitars….I’ll go to YouTube.  As someone once said “All at once a football game breaks out…where did that come from”??  But I know if I can just make it to halftime….I’ll get more music!!!

On Super Bowl Sunday….just give me football!

Until next time….Keep Watch and May America Bless God!