Congress, Doctors and Guns Should America Stand With Israel?

Politics . . . No More!

March 22nd, 2010

When I made my post on Friday night concerning the Health Care bill, I didn’t realize I had made my last political post. However, I can’t do it anymore.  My wife says I am not being honest and that I won’t be able to help myself.  No….I have learned that it is at best….a futile effort.

It appears that by the end of tonight, this bill will be passed. This proves to me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, few representatives care what you or I think.  If it doesn’t serve their particular party agenda….they don’t care.  Almost 60% of America and 70% of seniors, were begging this pathetic lot of….whoever they are….to please not do this.  Just slow down.  Take a deep breath and think this through.  It’s not that all of us were not asking for some kind of reform, we all are.  But not a bill that could possibly negatively change the face of America forever, with one stoke of the pen.

I don’t care if this bill turns out to be the best bill ever written….or the worst.  The point is….they blew off the voice of the overwhelming majority of the people.  We painfully discovered they really didn’t care what we thought.  If you were like me, you really thought they were listening.  Not so much!

I had decided that I wasn’t going to watch any of this today.  I went and played golf in the afternoon because I have to admit….I could not stand to watch the process.  When I got home….I’m ashamed to say that I turned it on.  Maybe Kim is right and I can’t help myself.  No…I’m determined!!  However, what I saw was nothing less than a conformation that my leaving this world of politics, is the right one.

What really caught my attention was when Bart Stupak said, “We all know that some people are going to agree with what we do and some are not going to like it.  But WE have to do what’s best.”  This as he was changing his vote to a “yes.”  What a telling statement.  So it’s whatever THEY think is best….no matter what the majority of America feels!  Exactly my point….what’s the point?

After that, I turned it to March Madness and the Golf Channel.  Okay….I forgot.  I did see Greta interview Barney Frank.  When she asked him about the doctor fix, his answer was….”We’re attaching that to another bill and it has nothing to do with this bill.”  Excuse me Barney….I need to ask a question.  If that 300 billion DOCTOR fix is attached to another bill so the health care bill looks better from the CBO…who is paying for that?   Maybe China…or Russia…or just some good Samaritan?  Would that still be us?  Don’t know…just asking Barney!  Then….I actually did turn to March Madness and left it there.

Okay I am going to stop because I am writing another political post.  Just a few thoughts to finish.

I have never been discouraged to be an American….until now.  I’ve always felt excited and blessed to be a part of the greatest country in the world.  I’ve always felt that my thoughts….as well as yours….counted.  Well, we have now learned that they don’t.  This administration and for that matter, the majority of the belt way, is living on another planet.  Their agenda….as Obama himself said….is to fundamentally change America forever.  I think by now, many have discovered it’s not the change they had in mind.  So, I suppose I am taking on the reverse role of Michelle Obama.  She said during the campaign in February 2008, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.”  Did it take her husband being in the lead to sit in the Oval Office for her to be proud?  No matter, it took her a long time to be proud of America.  Not me.  I was always proud to be an American and felt extremely blessed that God allowed me to be born in America.  Now that she can see the changes that according to her “she has always dreamed of,” I suppose she is a happy camper at last!

I hope we all pray for each other and our country because I believe we are headed for what could be, a devastating collision course with our own destiny.  I’m not sure how God will answer our prayers at this point.  Obama himself said “we are no longer a Christian nation.”  I never thought I would ever hear the President Of The United States Of America make such a statement.  But….maybe he is right!  I don’t know what God is thinking about all this because He doesn’t always confide in me on these things.  I have ideas of how He will respond to us as a country….based on how we respond to Him.  However, I do believe that anyone that doesn’t throw God out with the bath water, will certainly come under the protection of his throne.  I especially believe that for each of us as individuals.

I have come to conclude that the direction we are taking is part of the continuation of decisions, that will chart the course of who we end up being as a nation, when all is said and done.  Call me a nutcase if you will but, I believe it’s all part of the bigger plan.

So….no more direct political writing.  I might write something with political overtones because whatever the subject matter is, may require it.  However, that will be the extent of it.  I will in the future, simply write on things that in my opinion, might really matter.  I will also continue to do a This And That along the way.  BUT I PROMISE…..No more Politics!

Note:  Now that they are getting this bill through……Watch out for a reemergence of Cap And Trade and Card Check. Sorry…just couldn’t help it!

Until next time….keep watch and America Bless God.