Politics . . . No More! Should America Stand With Israel? (Part 2)

Should America Stand With Israel?

April 19th, 2010

World Events

First off, this will be a three part series. It would simply be to long for one posting. If you will read it through to the end, I believe you will find that we are in a very incredible time in history….present….and future. For those interested in this subject, I hope you will find it worth the read.

I was asked a few days ago if I thought America should stand by Israel no matter what world opinion might be, in the conflict with their Palestinian/Arab neighbors. I want to take a look at what is transpiring with each passing day in current world events, as well as some of Israel’s history. Then in closing, in the third post, I would like to offer some food for thought in what biblical prophecy has to say about the subject.

It’s really hard to find a place to start or end on this subject. Let’s set the stage on the current events of the Israel/Palestinian conflict and then, I will move to some of Israel’s history in the second post.

Before I can speak to much of anything else concerning the question posed, I have to look at our current administration’s position with this long time friend, Israel. Though I have retired from direct political writing, there is no way to address this question or subject, without addressing our government’s position. I will also say that this administration is not the first to make it difficult for this small nation. However, several reports claim that this is the worst our relationship has been with Israel since the Carter administration.

Just this past week, former New York city mayor Ed Koch, who if you remember vigorously campaigned for Mr. Obama, made it very clear how bad he believes this has become. Koch said that the U.S. leaders’ treatment of Israel was “outrageous” and “hostile” and that he was very close to getting off the Obama train. He went on to say, “I think it’s outrageous what he has done. It’s clear that Netanyahu was treated so terribly at the White House. It’s just rude what they did to him. I am extremely distressed with the attitude that the president has shown Israel. I consider it to be hostility.”

Koch continued, “I am really terrified at what is happening and I would urge Jews and Christians who support Israel to stand up and speak out. We should insist that Obama treat our ally as an ally, that he not throw Israel under the bus.” That’s pretty strong for such an ardent supporter of this administration. Granted, Koch is Jewish. But, I’m not and I can identify with some of his thoughts. The point is this: In an early response to the original question, putting aside all of the secular political posturing, if one takes biblical prophecy at face value, just like Mayor Koch, we should all be “terrified” at the administration’s direction. Let me reiterate once again, I don’t care what administration we’re talking about! Democrat…Republican…Independent…or whatever. Both political parties have had their moments of putting Middle East peace in a dangerous place by various demands on Israel.

I will openly admit that I was very taken back by Mr. Obama’s order of importance in the Middle East as president. His first call was not to our long time Mid East partner Israel, but to Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas. He made it a priority to make his first visit to Saudi Arabia where, if we remember, he bowed to their king. A first for an American President. From there he moved on to Cairo to bring a speech insuring his commitment to bridge the gap with the Arab world. There were many apologies made on the behavior of the United States, concerning the Mid East and the Muslim people. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I would have thought that the first stop that Mr. Obama would have made in the Middle East, would have been to our long standing ally. From my perspective, when that didn’t happen, that put in place the order of merit for addressing this issue.

As we all know, Prime Minister Netanyahu was in Washington a couple of weeks ago for meetings with Mr. Obama, which Mr. Koch was referring to. It is my opinion, which I think if you simply gather all the information presented over the past month, that this administration wants Netanyahu….out of the way! If you simply watch the media clips, you will get the sense that this administration still has “some” pro-Israel positions. If you will go beyond the sound bites and read the full stories, you’ll find that maybe it’s…not so much.

I have made this statement a couple of times over the last few days and then Wednesday, I saw it reported on Fox News. I believe the administration is attempting to embarrass Netanyahu to the world wide audience, in order to get him removed. So, I’ll go one step farther than Fox did. If they can accomplish this mission and insert Tzipi Livni into that role, this two state solution the administration is so desperate to achieve, will be like taking candy from a baby. Though some past administrations have encouraged Israel to be the “giver” on all these issues….including Bush….it appears that the Obama administration is doubling down on that pressure. It is just my opinion but, I believe you are seeing a response to Mr. Obama’s position, by Netanyahu sending a down line diplomat to Obama’s “nuke” conference, that was held by the administration this past week. I do not believe he had any interest in being “lectured” again by anyone in the administration.

So as we go forward in the coming weeks and months, I believe this administration will have to take a firm position….one way or the other. Whatever that position turns out to be will have a world wide impact….either way. What I’ll continue to look at is….how will it impact America according to world opinion….and what does the Bible have to say about this subject that so often dominates world headlines. A subject that after all is not just about Middle East peace but, about God’s chosen people.

Until next time….Keep Watch And America Bless God!