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We’re Closing the Borders … Guess where?

September 2nd, 2010

I know I swore off politics but I guess my wife was right … I just can’t do it.  I will do my best to stick to facts and limit opinions.

Closing The Border:
We are finally closing the borders. Know where? Saudi Arabia! Somehow, this story got by me when it was published by The World Tribune on June 3rd.  I have asked several people if they were aware of this story and I have yet to get one “yes.” So, I assume a lot of us were in the dark.

In late May, Janet Napolitano met Saudi leaders to discuss a range of security programs including training, joint exercises, intelligence and arms sales. “It is a very rough border, very difficult to protect from illegal crossings,” said U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano. She continued, “So many of our discussions were about how to protect a very tough, geological, topographical border, from illegal crossings.” Even though I read this with my own eyes, I was still wondering if my glasses had cracked.

Officials said Riyad and Washington were “expanding cooperation in protecting the kingdom’s borders from insurgents and smugglers.” So the administration will cooperate with the Saudi’s and use our resources in closing their borders … but not Arizona, or our other border states? As amazing as it is, I think we all know the reasoning behind such decisions!  If you don’t understand the game plan … you’re not paying attention to the coach!

If you want to find out how to really protect a border with an iron fist … check out Mexico’s immigration laws!

Supreme Court:
This may not raise a flag to anyone but, I find it amazing now that Elena Kagan is confirmed, the Supreme Court of the largest Christian nation in the world, will be void of a Protestant judge. With her confirmation, that is a total of 6 Roman Catholics and 3 Jewish justices.

According to Geoffrey Stone, a law professor at the University of Chicago, “The practical reality of life in America is that religion plays much less of a role in everyday life than it did 50 or 100 years ago. Adding a protestant to the court would not bring an important element to its discussions.” Really? I personally would like to have at least one out of nine that might have some semblance of my Protestant faith positions. I say this because it seems that the new game in town is letting personal root philosophy come into play, while at times disregarding written law.

According to a publishing by The Pew Forum, 51.3% of people in America claim Protestant faith. Yet, they have no representation on one of America’s most powerful bodies, the Supreme Court. On the other hand, Catholics comprise 23.9% and Jews a minimal 1.7% of America’s population. Since so many in this country have shouted from the housetops about diversity, where is the diversity here?

Unfortunately, at least for Protestants, Mr. Stone may be right.  On July 15, 2010, a student body from Wickenburg Christian Academy in Arizona was stopped from praying on the grounds of the Supreme Court.  Teacher Maureen Rigo admitted, “I was shocked.”  According to Rigo, the group had moved off to the side, out of a public pathway, and begin their prayer. When a grounds policeman saw the prayer taking place, he ordered a cease and desist.  The officer informed them, “You can pray, you just can’t pray here.” The group then moved off the grounds into a gutter way and continued their prayers.

Can you imagine our forefathers supporting a stoppage of prayer … anywhere? My, how this country has changed. Well don’t worry if God might be saddened by our political correctness. We can always trust our faithful politicians to close their speeches with … God Bless America!

Sharia Law: Some may remember a couple of years ago when I wrote about Sharia law coming to America?  It was titled, Coming To A Town Near You. No one was paying much attention when I first mentioned it, but that is changing. Even now, in many daily news reports, you’re beginning to hear the word Sharia, more and more. We’ll explore, in a future post, some of the positions of Muslims and Americans, on this subject. Will Sharia become part of … America’s law?

The times in which we live … yes, they are changing.

Until next time….Keep Watch And America Bless God!