I am just a normal guy who enjoys thinking.  Now I spend a lot of time thinking about my business and my golf swing but besides that, I have four areas of thought that intrigue me.  They are politics…religion…world events…and this and that.

I truly respect people who want to simply pop the corn and watch American Idol, rather than engaging themselves in the complexities of issues that today’s world is facing.  There is a lot to be said for the stress free mind set and I often envy that approach.  However…that’s just not me.

Let me also say that I am not an English major and as a matter of fact, I didn’t even like it in school.  My writing is sometimes less than grammatically perfect.

I do not try to write in a vocabulary that will gasp the reader into admiring my lofty knowledge….basically because I’m not smart enough to do that!!

I’ll briefly touch on my four areas of interest.

Politics:  I am an independent fiscal conservative.  Let me preface anything you will read from me by saying….I’m not a fan of politicians!  I think most, no matter what the label, are benders of the truth, if not deceivers of the same, in many cases.  Years ago, I thought I might like to be a politician but that dream ended the day I discovered I had a conscience.  My efforts are to talk about….the hidden details….of issues and stories that you won’t hear much about in the mainstream media, if you hear anything about them at all.  Anyone reading will discover that my trust and respect for the mainstream media is…..let’s say about a 2 on a scale of 10.

Religion:  In recent years, I have become very interested in Biblical prophecy, which is what most of my religious writing is about in concert with world events.  I am not a fan of the word religion, in and of itself, and I do not believe that doctrines…for the most part…do anything but divide.  This is a problem that goes back to the beginning of the early church when there were fractured collections of groups and thoughts of…”believe the way I do or you’re wrong.”   Divisive doctrinal legalism is troubling to me.  The reason I believe that the Bible…not doctrines… is the inerrant word of God is because I have made a “choice” to believe that. I, like many, struggled for years in trying to find something that was logical.  I finally discovered that few things “make sense” when it comes to our origin and evolution.  You accept science or creation…not that creation is void of science.  Not many other choices that I know of. I came to a point to where I needed to choose something to hang my hat on and that choice for me was Genesis…simply through an act of faith. We all have to chose to believe in “something”….even if that something is “nothing.”

World Events:  Never in the history of our country have world events been any more important to America than they are now.  Few major events can happen throughout the world today that do not affect us in some manner.  To often, our mainstream media glosses over many of these happenings, if they report them at all.  I dig a little deeper to see how we could be affected.  Those are the ones I like to Watch.

This And That.  These are writings about things that just catch my attention or thoughts that randomly pop into my head.  Usually not earth shaking or world changing.  Sometimes funny….sometimes a Say It Ain’t So Joe….kind of story.  It’s actually just what it says it is…just This And That.

So, other than not trusting politicians and….being very skeptical of doctrine regulated religion….and having little faith in mainstream media…I’m an extremely positive person!

Hope you enjoy some of my perspectives.